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2 Comments Already

Medical Student Said,
April 21st, 2014 @10:56 am  

Hi Tina! My name is Malik Umer Farooq. I am a medical student. You can check my picture in the official website of my medical college here;
(I am the one studying in the libray with Herald and other magazines behind me.)
As it is my first year, I find medicine a very good subject. (I am doing MBBS)
Now coming to your question……. Personally I prefer a good medical college for you. Please don’t study anything else. If you studied English, then you will not give much benefit to the humanity. (Because almost everybody knows English)
So my request is that you take admission in a good medical college.

DaniBaje Said,
April 21st, 2014 @11:17 am  

All medical courses in the UK are of high quality. Medicine is VERY competitive. Students with straight As are regularly rejected.

You should take Biology this is required by some universities.

You haven’t mentioned the name of your qualifications thus they can’t be compared.

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