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Derek Said,
February 16th, 2012 @3:28 pm  

Online “degrees” are generally not well accepted in the job market. There have been widespread reports of students hiring impostors to take online courses for them. The school has no way of knowing who is taking the tests. Is it the student, an impostor, or both at the same time? As a result ANY online program is considered questionable. Many are outright scams. See for reviews. Employers ofter automatically reject ANY online programs or ANY for-profit commercially operated schools. A public community college is a far better option-even if it means that you have to find one farther away.
Also be advised that medical transcription is usually seen as a vocational program, not really a college degree. Community colleges usually issue vocational certificates for such programs. Although some might call these “degrees” , don’t expect the credits to transfer to any well respected 4 year university as college level.

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