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2 Comments Already

Donald B Said,
December 4th, 2013 @8:20 am  

While you are very late for most, you are not too late for all of them. It just depends on what college you want to apply to. There are hundreds of colleges in the US.

dancing_smurf Said,
December 4th, 2013 @8:49 am  

Hi KayJ,

By the wording of your question I am assuming you are a foreign student, not residing in the US. If that is the case then arguably you may be too late especially if you have not taken your college admission board test (ACT or SAT), you have not taken TOEFL, and have not limited research about funding sources. At the moment many universities in the US have either had their deadline for admission pass or the admission deadline may be approaching. Also you need time to apply for funding sources and have approval before you apply for your student visa. Second depending on your country of residence it may take a while to get your student visa.

In answer to your question, if you are just considering the idea and you do not live in the US then I would argue that it is too late to apply due to the deadlines you need to meet along with the time needed to make your applications. Instead I would say do your research, take your college admission boards, take TOEFL, and apply for admission for Fall of 2012.

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