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ibu guru Said,
September 25th, 2013 @11:13 am  

Universities in US, Canada, UK, Europe, etc, are currently accepting applications for Fall 2013 admission. Scholarships & other financial aid are very, very scarce and hotly contested. There’s no way you can cover much, if any, of your expenses through financial aid, and foreign students are generally barred or severely restricted from working. You state you are “not a straight-A student,” so you don’t have mcuh hope. The best source of scholarships for studying abroad is to win any of the major national or international competitions in sciences, math, music, etc-etc-etc.

You need to get out now, not next year. And you don’t need to be all alone in a foreign country with nowhere near enough money for all your school + living expenses. Besides, student visas are temporary NON-immigration visas, and you will have to return to your own country immediately upon completion or termination of studies, or running out of money.

You don’t state your citizenship, but you are starting university there this month? Find a way to get into the dorms (e.g. “commuting is interfering with my study time” or whatever you can come up with to get your parents to pay for it!). Find a way to rent a room. Find a another girl in your classes and find a way to rent a small apartment to share. Look for local solutions RIGHT NOW! Do not wait until next year. Also, in your own country, you are free to work (not possible on foreign student visas), and would be better able to support yourself, or at least earn enough to pay some living expenses.

If you are smart, you will find a local solution which gets you out of that house within a month, certainly before year-end. Going abroad, you’ll wait a year to begin with, and add a lot of problems you really don’t need.

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