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Emily Said,
March 17th, 2014 @10:53 am  

You can take the MCAT at any time. If you take it in Spring 2014, you will be too late for most admissions deadlines for Fall 2014, so you’re looking at taking the MCAT sometime in 2013. You can retake the MCAT the same way you would retake the SAT – most students plan their first attempt at the MCAT so that they would still have one more chance before admissions deadlines to retake if they need to.

You’ll need to spend extra time in your prep books and take extra practice tests, but students take the MCAT without having completed 100% of their pre-Med courses (a lot of them take it in April of their Junior year, and are still in the process of taking O.Chem II and a few other courses). Besides, if you get a low score on the MCAT, you can always take it again the following spring and take a gap year between graduation and beginning Med School. You don’t lose anything but your exam fee by taking it in 2013.

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