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November 28th, 2012 @10:23 am  

you would want to maintain at least an 3.0 GPA and score at least an 1600 on the SAT’s..that shouldn’t be so hard you seem to be on the right track so continue on your journey to success..good luck

Ej6vt7pi Said,
November 28th, 2012 @10:53 am  

recently the UMD president announced that the c/o of 2013 had an average gpa of 3.93 and sat ave. of 1285. However, these are just numbers, and your gpa can deviate from it.

I am a recent MD alum (c/o 2009), and I know i didnt have that high of stats. I had a 3.6 GPA and 1100-ish – out of 1600 i think- SAT (old one).
However, I had lots of Extracurriculars, no AP and one Honors class, but i had several jump-start (college courses taken at a community college while still in HS)

I think what put me in was the opportunity to actually speak with an admissions counselor, call the admissions and set one up if you can,esp if you don’t have that strong of stats. I didnt have connections or related to an alumni either. good luck.

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