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KMR Said,
November 21st, 2011 @6:37 am  

A pamphlet…for virtual education! LOL! That’s a good one.

Kidding aside…You haven’t included enough details for your request. Is the visual aid for an onsite demonstration on distance learning, or an actual visual aid to be used in distance learning? And which user demographic? K – 12th grade? College credit? Continuing ed? Does the visual aid have to be an 3-d model or object? Or is it a electronic visual aid to be viewed by computer in your classroom?

Distance ed is delivered mainly by television or web (now rarely on CD or DVD). The tv or monitor screen IS the visual aid. I suppose you could use anything that uses a screen for viewing. Other than that, the whole idea of distance ed is to provide direction for students to learn to search for their own visual aids. Perhaps a magnifying glass would make a good metaphor. (Or spyglass, binoculars, telescope or other visual finding tool).

Maybe a lesson plan flowchart using post it notes and pushpins on a cork board perhaps. Or post it notes with refrigerator magnets on a message board. Or here’s one…a lesson plan diagram on a portable chalkboard! (Please forgive the ‘Well, duh!’ moment.)

It is my hope that your visual aid is for demonstration only, not for distance ed course content because I believe the current heavy reliance on visual aids is the bane of learning content because it encourage passive learning, which inhibits long-term memory brain function and dulls creative deduction skills needed to stimulate imagination activity.

The objective is to deliver resource-rich text content and encourage online forum participation to let the students be proactive in the learning process by using creative brain power to find their own visual aids as part of the learning process.

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