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4 Comments Already

eri Said,
April 12th, 2014 @10:27 am  

I’m confused. You said you’re a first year college student. You can’t earn a masters degree before you’ve earned a bachelors, and getting into the undergraduate program at a school does NOT mean you’re also enrolled in the graduate program. You must apply separately for the MBA, and you can’t work on it while doing your bachelors. Also, they’re correct that there’s no point in getting an MBA and a major in business. One or the other is all you need. Two bachelors degrees is exactly the same as a single bachelors degree and a double major, so if that’s what you wanted, you should have gone somewhere that let you take double majors. A masters degree is NOT a major, and cannot be taken as a major because it’s a completely separate degree. You cannot enroll in a masters program while in a bachelors program.

Kira-chan Said,
April 12th, 2014 @10:41 am  

Uhhhh… if you’re a freshman then what I’m writing here won’t apply to you…But if you’re graduating in 2013 … like you said… then read on…

Honestly, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If you weren’t graduating soon, I would suggest you transfer schools. I can’t even believe they would stop you from earning two degrees at once because of overlap. If that’s the case then why offer them as separate majors…!? O_o

But to answer your questions…
1) No, that’s unnecessary and probably not even possible.
2) No. If you go for your Masters, it makes no sense to go back to square one to complete another Bachelors.
3) This is more plausible. But why pay tuition twice for 2 degrees. The whole point of a dual major is get 2 degrees for 4 years tuition in 4 years time.
4)No. Similar to Q 2… this makes no sense.

I say you should give up on the dual degree (based on these options). But you should look into taking the 5 classes that aren’t offered in your current major’s course work. That way you at least get the extra knowledge.

Or if you’re really hellbent on getting a dual degree, write a letter to your school’s president about this matter. Or even minor in it! Unless they won’t let you do that either… ~.~

Good luck! And I would like to see where this goes. Let us know what happens!

Hawkeyesrule Said,
April 12th, 2014 @11:24 am  

even f you double major, you don’t get 2 bachelor degrees. you simply graduate with 2 majors.

you can’t start Masters work until you complete a bachelor’s degree. and you won’t finish 5 graduate level courses in 1 semester.

DS Said,
April 12th, 2014 @11:25 am  

They won’t let you do it that way because colleges won’t let you count the same class for two different degrees. For example, I took a tax accounting class as an undergraduate and was told by the grad school admissions person that it was equivalent to the grad level tax class. However, when I got there they said no class can be “double counted” meaning that if I took that undergraduate tax class and USED IT towards my undergraduate degree, I couldn’t count it towards my graduate degree as well. That means I would have to also take the graduate level tax class even thought they’re “equivalent.”

That scenario is probably why they’re not letting you double major. It would essentially be counting all of your classes twice aside from the 5 different ones.

On a side note, Most major employers do NOT like to see someone get an MBA immediately after undergrad. Infact, most good MBA schools won’t even look at someone immediately out of undergrad, they only want people who have been working in the field and are looking to advance their position. Just some food for thought.

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