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Sam Spayed Said,
September 18th, 2013 @11:00 am  

First of all, to be respectful of your friends, you need to listen politely to their advice and consider it. You don’t have to do exactly what they tell you to do, or not do.

That said, you should think long and hard before going to a for-profit university such as Academy of Art University (as it’s now called). The tuition is fairly expensive compared to a state university’s (although, to its credit, not nearly as high as many other for-profits). You may think it doesn’t matter since you need to take out loans either way, but remember you have to pay back those loans eventually. Also, many employers are suspicious of degrees from for-profits (but I suppose that depends on what you intend to take away from this educational experience, since the job prospects for MFAs aren’t too hot in the first place).

Anyway, I don’t understand what your hurry is, since it’s been ten years since you graduated. Apply to some public university programs for 2013; Academy of Art University will still be there (and still taking anyone who applies, since it’s a for-profit) unless it goes under from the proposed lawsuits against it (to its credit, for numerous zoning and building code violations, not for defrauding students like many for-profits).

Meanwhile, sit in on some classes at Academy of Art and see if you like the school, the professors, the student body, and determine whether the quality of education is what you would expect from a graduate fine arts program. Visit some other schools as well and make the same comparison. Maybe even take a class or two as a non-matriculating student. If it still feels like a good fit, then go for it.

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