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Troy Said,
May 28th, 2014 @11:02 am  

First you want to make sure that you entered the correct school codes on the FAFSA.

Generally, a school should receive your FAFSA within 1 week from when you processed the form on-line. If they didn’t receive your information yet, double check with the school that they are downloading the information and if they are downloaded the files for February 4th. You can also check if you have any missing information (i.e. Name, SSN, or DOB missing or incorrect) or if you need to submit any additional documents (i.e. Verification Form). Otherwise, you may want to contact FAFSA at 1-800-433-3243 to see if there is anything wrong with your application.

As far as the university being able to award your financial aid award package, this may take some time. Universities should already start awarding incoming Freshman students this month. However, the process of the awards will be based on who submitted their FAFSA first (January 01, 2013 was the earliest date) and they will proceed down the list from there.

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