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Pat Said,
April 10th, 2013 @10:32 am  

I have a PhD and 4 boys. One has his EdD. All are college graduates. They had the same problem. A solution is a great counselor/adviser. This person assists in planning out your coursework. When they did not offer a “required” course, the adviser helped the student get an independent study with a professor to get the credit. In one case, there was a course that substituted for the required course. So, if you meet with your adviser or counselor and not just on advisement day, this person is familiar with when the courses are offered. He/she knows that Human Anatomy I is only offered Fall and Human Anatomy II is only offered Spring (for example).

Part of getting a degree involves the planning you are talking about. It is necessary to find a professor mentor that knows the ins and outs of when courses are offered. Mine even advised me on the best professor to teach the classes I needed. Which classes to take at the same time: Shakespeare’s early plays and Shakespeare’s Late plays. Also, Mental Retardation and the Academically Gifted were suggested. As it turned out, you basically learn the same things at different ends of the spectrum.

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