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drip Said,
March 1st, 2014 @10:34 am  

I highly doubt you can apply and get in for this Fall 2012 school year. You can start applying late August for Fall 2013.
You need to the the SAT exam. go to

Argh, no, Your link is to a community college. I HIGHLY recommend NOT going there. You do not want to go to any CC in the US. You can only earn a two year Associate degree there. and there are no dorms. No housing of any kind. You will need to find your own place to live and have transportation. You would need to take ONLY general education classes at the CC, then transfer over to a four year college to earn a Bachelor degree. I do NOT recommend doing this as an international student.

Look at accredited four year colleges.

RoaringMice Said,
March 1st, 2014 @11:26 am  

It is very late to apply to US universities and colleges for this upcoming fall. However, some are still accepting applications. Most community colleges/two year schools, like the one you linked to, are still accepting applications. Some four year schools are as well. You can use this list to see all of the four year schools that are still accepting applications:

You need to apply only to those that list “yes” or “limited” under their column for Freshmen – meaning they are still accepting new students for the fall.

Are you a US citizen? If not, then you need to get started on this NOW, because you are cutting the timing very short for you to be able to apply for and get a student visa. So do NOT wait until after you take the TOEFL. Apply to colleges now – today – and then send them your TOEFL scores after you apply.

If you are not a US citizen, you will need to be able to fund your studies here. And it may be best for you to find a university that offers housing/dorms, so you don’t have to struggle to find a place to live in your first year here. The college you linked to *does* offer housing/dorms, so you’re in good shape there, but often, spaces in the dorms goes quickly, so contact Jefferson College today and ask if you can still apply for housing there.

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