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Nirveeka Said,
May 24th, 2014 @11:00 am  

•Well i can understand what you are going through at the moment because i was in a similar sort of situation some months ago.But now im happy for taking the right decision to come for higher studies in Australia. I am an international student currently sudying at the Australian Catholic University, North Sydney campus, just for you to get an idea on the course offered and the application procedure, i suggest that you visit the website on All the unis in Australia function more or less the same, i have friends from various universities in Sydney and for each programme we do alomst the same units. I am personally sattisifed wit h the standard at the ACU. You can also visit the financial aid/scholarship page where you will get a better idea how to apply and when, since you need to meet certain requirements.I personally love the lifestyle in Sydney and i like city life. But you do have so many other options and i wish you good luck.

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