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4 Comments Already

Jack Said,
February 8th, 2012 @9:09 pm  

Yo, im doing the same thing dude, some online classes (im taking 3) and 1 class in school…if the online calsses are legit some of them dont acknowledge if your classes are acreddited or not for 4yr schools…you need to go directly to your school (or call) them and ask them this very question, thats ur best bet.

induius Said,
February 8th, 2012 @9:14 pm  

Jack is right. If transcript doesn’t specify, they’ll never know. Some say they want transcripts for your classes, but seriously, you’re a 60 credit student transfer they’re not going to make it worth the headache.

Online Degrees Said,
February 8th, 2012 @9:46 pm  

The very first thing you should consider before entering into an online college is to find weather that college is accredited with US Bureau Of Education & also if other Traditional Colleges/Universities will recognize the degrees given by that online college.

If your transcript shows that you’ve attended online classes then only will they know about it but it should be from a recognized college or else that would be considered fake or of no use. Further information about Online Colleges can be found at

Sam Said,
February 8th, 2012 @10:32 pm  

ask the authorities

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