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Dsds Said,
December 27th, 2013 @7:53 am  

I think you should go to college even if it is a community college it really doesnt matter that much college graduates earn way more than high school graduates it may seem good to just work up that money just to travel but then what will u do after that have to keep working harder that college graduates all your life?trust me its always a good idea to go to college get a job and then continue with your wants school comes first. AND SORRY FOR NOT PUTTING PERIODS QUESTION MARKS ETC.IM JUST IN A RUSH

Lula Said,
December 27th, 2013 @7:58 am  

Just go out and live! Eventually you will find something your interested in or really love to do. If you find out you want to do something that requires you to go to college, and if you really waant to go to college, than save up. Don’t push yourself to do something if you really don’t know what you want to do.

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