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Kabagnot Said,
January 17th, 2013 @11:19 am  

So you struggled through your last finals, research papers, project and homework, you might think the hard part is over, but the MBA admission process is no walk in the park. Spots in MBA programs are competitive, you’ll be competing with students of similar excessive drive and ability, how can you set yourself apart? MBA programs give you one real chance to talk to them personally, tell them why they should accept you and why you will succeed, this chance is the admissions essay. Since this is your only chance to directly speak to the school, you must put everything you want to say into it, pour all your struggles, dreams, desires, talents, and hard work to prove to the school that you’re the caliber person, and citizen, that they’re looking for.

Clearly the important hinged on your MBA admissions essay means that it can be your savior or your destroyer, the thing that sets you apart and guarantees your admission or ensures your place among the crowd and lessen your chance of success. Furthermore, crafting a colorful essay which expresses all the things you need to express takes time, effort, and skill, and no one has these things to spare. This leaves you with a choice, plunging into the admissions essay abyss and trying to fight through hours and endless days of rewriting and tinkering, or enlist some help.

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