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2 Comments Already

? Said,
December 28th, 2013 @8:03 am  

i think u wont have problem if u know all these languages that cool man just make sure u get the best grade u can this year it helps

Randy D Said,
December 28th, 2013 @8:32 am  

You should look at their requirements. Somewhere on their website should be information about what their (accepted) applicants look like. Also, if there was a certain event(s) that affected your grades during sophomore year, try to find a teacher who can explain that in their letter of recommendation – I think they can do that. :)

As far as I know, colleges don’t look at your freshman year. It’s mainly the last 3 years that matter, and for senior year, all they see by the time you apply is that you are challenging yourself with rigorous classes (of course that applies for all years. Haha). Of course, that doesn’t mean slack off in them – they could change their minds if they see an F in all your AP classes! :) good luck this year! Class of 2012 ftw!

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