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PETA Said,
May 20th, 2014 @10:30 am  

You should always fill out the FAFSA to see if you qualify for any help. The FAFSA is the application, a bunch of questions that they, the dept of education, will put the answers into a formula they use which will result in your EFC, estimated family contribution. That is all the FAFSA does. You are not signing up for anything by filling out the FAFSA or agreeing to anything. The EFC is not how much you pay or how much you get just a measure of your financial strength, a number the college will use to give you any financial aid you may qualify for. When you fill out the FAFSA, you list 10 colleges you may be interested in attending. Then after the dept of education figures out your EFC, they sedt it in a SAR, student aid report to all of those colleges you listed on the FAFSA. Only the colleges you listed on the FAFSA that you applied to and offer your admittance will create financial aid award offers for you. It is just an offer and not set in stone and you get to look at all the award offers from the colleges and pick a college to attend. Then you look at the award and you pick if you want any of the financial aid they offer. The different types of financial aid are grants (do not have to pay back), student loans (like Staffords and Perkins which goes in student name and student pays back), parent loans (the parents are offered this and they have to fill out a separate small application for it and it goes by their credit, they pay it back), federal work study (a job list at the school and you work to earn the amount of the award) and colleges and states offer their own grants also. Here is a sample award offer: Do you see how you can accept and reject each type. We rejected some because we did not want work study for my daughter and because they included 3000 in travel expenses on her budget but she lives 45 minutes from the univ. If you get awards and dont want just reject them.

You are absolutely right, it will do no harm to fill it out. You are at no risk. DO NOT DO IT ON FAFSA.COM, but this one:

Most students have student and/or parent loans, like my daughter. They are better than any lender.

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