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3 Comments Already

February 16th, 2012 @9:26 pm  

are you kidding me????????????????????
You’re a single stay at home mom? who’s paying your bills and tuition? ME?????????
Way to milk the system. People with no income and who CHOOSE to be single moms, don’t get to CHOOSE to stay home with their kids…

fuckofffff lady

How incredibly selfish of you to bring a child into the world that the only means of support you have are milking the system or milking some unsuspecting dude of child support…

you seem lovely, i’m sure your child will grow up to be a very moral person

Will babysitting provide healthcare for your child as well? I think not? Get a life lady, be responsible get a job. I’m sure all of us would just LOVE to make babies and be stay at home moms but SOMEBODY has to be responsible

Really Billy Said,
February 16th, 2012 @9:42 pm  

I think if your child had a “choice” he’d kinda like having a dad.

Suba Said,
February 16th, 2012 @10:26 pm  

I’m sorry you are so upset now but your wording in your original post infers that you do not plan to work (stay-at-home-mom) and that you chose to be a single mom because you always wanted a child.

Many taxpayers are resentful of people who milk the system and unfortunately one of them unloaded on you.

You should complete the fafsa online and see what you qualify for. This is the starting for ALL financial aid in the US.I suggest you attend a community college for your core classes and take your time deciding what you want to do…perhaps physical or occupational therapy?

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