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Bent Snowman Said,
March 6th, 2014 @10:40 am  

I cannot really advise you unless you explain what your intended field of study even is, and what you studied before. For instance, in my field (nuclear engineering), the GRE is not valued beyond a threshold score pretty much given how little it reflects on our education. Getting more experience would help, but next time please apply to many schools. I know more than a few people (regrettably) that applied to 10+ schools, and got rejected by every one of them. Grad school application is a competitive process. And, as you found out from your result, grad school is significantly harder to get into than undergrad was.

“I would email the head of the department at the grad college I applied to to let them I am doing this for the next year before I reapply.” Why bother them? Just do it, then apply next year.

Apply to lots of schools!

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