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2 Comments Already

drip Said,
September 2nd, 2012 @11:08 am  

Yes it is possible. /But you are limited your options. Many colleges will have already closed applications for Fall 2012.
Look for colleges with rolling admissions

Prof. Cochise Said,
September 2nd, 2012 @11:27 am  

Hi Ashley

There are a good number of colleges and universities that have “rolling admission” dates. One alternative is to find one of them.

Another alternative is to enroll in the local CC for the first semester or year while your application to a 4 year school is being processed in the regular way. Most CCs allow you to apply within just a few weeks before class begins.

If you amend your question to include which state you are in and what your proposed major will be, you can get a better answer about school availability. If you are going the CC route, include which city you want to be in or near.

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