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3 Comments Already

binks Said,
January 28th, 2014 @10:21 am  

My status is WAAAAAY lower, but my essays kicked ass.

Best individual category SAT = 1930 (660,680,590)
Best test date SAT = 1890 (660,680,550) –
SAT II’s = US History-590, Math II-630
Junior year AP’s- APUSH = 4, APELC = 3
Senior year AP’s – APGOV, APELC, AP Stats
GPA = 4.15 w, 4.0 uw
Rank = 5/412
National Honor Society Member
California Scholarship Federation Member
Student of the Month multiple times
UC ELC (top 4%) honoree/recipient
Leadership Character Trait Award

Extra Ciriculars…
Varsity Golf MVP 2x, Captain 2x, Rookie of the year, CIF Qualifier
Piano – Member of a National Fraternity group
Class of 2009 class council
City Library Summer Program Volunteer
City Youth Comission Volunteer
Work – City Hall, Admin Services Dept.
Boy Scouts (mentor/aid)

Essays : Dad’s terminal disease and my leadership


pianoqueen6 Said,
January 28th, 2014 @11:21 am  

why do you care? or do you just want to gloat and make everyone else feel like s**t for not getting into the best UC?
some people don’t get in anywhere and this kind of outright egotism is disgusting

caliB18 Said,
January 28th, 2014 @12:13 pm  

i did not get in, but i got into UCSD.
i had a SAT score of 1890 (650, 650, 590)
SAT Subject Test Scores of: Math II (690), U.S. History (620), and Literature (610). (higher than all the students who got in at my high school)
UC GPA: 3.95 (yes its what killed me)
Overall GPA: 3.8
Extracurricular/Awards: Student council for 3 years including ASB Treasurer, Varsity Volleyball three years, JV volleyball for 1, bowling club, mu alpha theta math honors society, CSF, NHS, summer job for three years of high school, national latin honors society, junior classical league, etc.
Took most rigorous courses at my school.
Wrote essay on how death of my closest aunt and my family of 7 brothers/sisters inspired my goals. Wrote other essay on experience as camp counselor and dealing with one specific special needs child and how it positively transformed my character.

Tell me HONESTLY if you think i should have been accepted. I thought I looked strong overall. I was lacking in GPA, but everything else seems pretty equal if not better than alot of admitted students. It was my dream to go there, but that dream is gone for now and im not going to let it get to me anymore.

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