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mourningthedead Said,
July 10th, 2013 @10:45 am  

it depends on what you are going to study. some fields of work only require an associates degree while others require a bachelors or higher. ultimately whatever field you end up in, should you want to become a higher up/boss it would be better to at minimum to get the bachelors.
an associates degree is more of an extension of high school work with the added focus on the subject you choose to study; business, radio/ tv, nursing, etc…

hope this helps

Desta Said,
July 10th, 2013 @11:20 am  

If your ultimate goal is earning a bachelors degree then start off your college career at a CC to get your associates. It’s cheaper to complete your general ed classes that you’ll take in an associates program than taking the general ed. classes at a university. Have you read all of the scary stories on student loan debt lately? Don’t join the “trillion dollar student loan debt club.” Start off at a CC, work and save your money, and then transfer to a university to finish your bachelors.

Alisa Said,
July 10th, 2013 @11:20 am  

Hello Hoda,

Education is never a waste of time. Whether you should earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree really varies from student to student. If you’re the type of person who thrives off of accomplishing goals and seeing progress, it may be beneficial for you to find an Associate’s program that correlates with a future Bachelor program you’re interested in. It also takes longer to achieve a Bachelor’s degree, so finishing an Associate’s program may be beneficial as well because you can place this on your resume if you’re job searching. An academic advisor or admissions representative at whichever school you choose, should be able to discuss with you your goals etc. to help you choose the best path.

I think these articles will be helpful to you in getting started: and

Best of luck with your education!

WLC College India Said,
July 10th, 2013 @11:49 am  

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