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*T-Roy-Rex* Said,
April 1st, 2014 @10:50 am  

You could try pursuing a case against them, but what are you trying to achieve if you win…a cash settlement?

If you were to contact the Housing, Financial Aid, Cashier, and Record’s Office; you may be able to receive 100% tuition refund so your balance goes back to $0 and the amount you paid to be refunded back to you. If these offices don’t cooperate, you can go to the Chancellor to get results. You could even call the Ombudsmen’s Office for additional assistance. All of this could be achieved without hiring a lawyer.

If you were to hire a lawyer, the same thing may be done and maybe the school will be required to pay a monetary amount for any damages (psychological, expenses, etc.). However, will that cover the cost of hiring a lawyer? If not, then in the end you would be losing money paying for a lawyer something which you could have accomplished on your own.

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