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Derek Said,
September 2nd, 2013 @10:35 am  

It’s not likely that they would accept online classes for transfer credit. A college near me recently announced that they will accept NO online classes for transfer credits, and they will only accept up to semester hours of blended classes credits towards a bachelors degree. Online classes lack credibility since a student could easily cheat by hiring an impostor to take the courses. As a result,ANY online degree is considered somwhat bogus, even if from a legit school. Obviously it is far easier for a student to cheat in an online program versus a monitored classroom.
The other issue here is that baking and pastry arts should require hands on training that you obviously cannot do online.
As a side comment, I cannot see this as a wise choice of study at the bachelors degree level. Frankly I have never heard of baking and pastry arts as a college level program. Community colleges near me offer culinary arts as a vocational program, typically lasting one or two years. The class credits for this are not even considered college and won’t transfer towards a bachelors degree anywhere I’ve ever heard of. The graduates of these vocational programs receive vocational certificates that are sometimes misleadingly called “associates degrees”, even though they are not true college degrees at all.
You might want to rethink your plan and just pursue a vocational certificate in culinary arts at a community college. The other option would be to stick with Salem State and complete a bachelors degree in something other that baking.

Added: I don’t doubt that some schools offer what they call a bachelors degree in baking & pastry arts. I have doubts about whether this program would be accepted as a true college bachelors degree for purposes of transfer or going on for a graduate degree at a well respected state university for example.

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