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Marlene . Said,
May 26th, 2014 @10:35 am  

If we correct it for you, and you turn it in, you will not be turning in your own work, and in essence it would be cheating.

Free Me Said,
May 26th, 2014 @10:50 am  

12 October 2012
Dear Friends,
While we are having more than enough food and enjoying a serene life, thousands of people die every day from hunger in poor countries. They do not have the chance to receive good education and were raised in cruel, harsh conditions.
Think and don’t ignore how these people feel. It is difficult to survive even one day there, especially when you consider the fact that most of those survivors are small, innocent children.
This is why we simply cannot turn away. These people need our help, the world needs our help and the future depends on us! My help alone isn’t enough, and this is why I am writing this letter:
to ask for your help, to see if you are willing to assist me in changing the world, to make people around the world happy. Just imagine how happy they will be when they receive our help. They may not know who helped them, but they will know that somewhere in the world there still exists humanity.
If you are interested in helping, you may do so in one (or more) of the following ways:
-Purchase goods at my shop on Dutch Queen’s Day, April 30, 2013. I sell charitable goods from a charity organization, which you can find on the internet: It’s a trusted site, created to fight for an end to world hunger. It was launched in 1999 and has helped to feed the world’s hungry.
-Get involved and start a fundrasing shop of your own. Again, you can ask the organiation above to sponsor the goods. It’s Queen’s Day, so it won’t cost you anything.
-You can order charitable goods directly via the website: There’s no extra charge and each item you buy funds at least 25 cups of food for the world’s hungry. 100% of the money you give out at the shop goes directly to charity.
The first two options can only be done on the Queen’s day, so don’t miss the chance! If you cannot or don’t have the time for the first two options, then the third option is also good. You can order anytime and anywhere you want.
After we have raised enough funds we will let you know the results. You can stay up to date by visiting:…, or simply ask me in person. You may also contact me by phone at: 0601010016, or e-mail:
Thank you for your support. I hope to hear from you soon!

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