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ooooo Said,
June 14th, 2014 @10:50 am  

Go talk to your dean’s office (the one that sent you the letter saying you wouldn’t graduate; you don’t necessarily need to talk to the dean, but explain your situation to the staff there and see what they advise) and the registrar’s office (which is in charge of your transcripts and possibly graduation). Your advisor may also be able to help or at least reassure you.

Explain the situation to them and: 1. ask if you can still squeeze into the spring graduation ceremony (not essential, but something you’ve earned) and, more importantly, 2. make sure your current transcript reflects that you have completed all degree requirements as of the end of the fall semester 2013. If your transcript shows it, that’s really all you need to prove you’ve finished college. The graduation ceremony and diploma are mostly for show.

In the meantime, go ahead and keep applying for jobs. You can put on your resume that you’ve completed the degree. If necessary, you can further explain in your cover letter that you have completed all requirements for your degree but will not officially graduate until spring due to an administrative error. As long as the grade has been changed and your transcript shows that you’re done, you should be fine.

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