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Nygdan Said,
April 18th, 2014 @11:15 am  

How do you have 30 credits but you haven’t completed your general education requirements yet, like math and science with a lab?

It’s very unclear what you’re actually talking about in your question. You don’t get an Associates degree from a 4 year school, you get a Bachelor’s Degree. You can usually transfer out of a Community College into a 4-year school without an Associates, it’s just a matter of applying and submitting your transcripts. Even with the Associates it’s the same process, you apply and hope for admission, like everyone else.

You need to check with the 4-year schools that you might be going to, you need to contact their Transfer Office and give them a copy of your transcripts, so that they can let you know what classes will transfer and what classes you will have to retake. Many classes will transfer, but not for credit towards your major.

You also need to get a better handle on what the tuition is and the room and board rates, and the other fees that are associated with the 4-year school. Also, why are you asking this now, it’s almost certainly too late to apply to a 4-year school, classes are starting soon, and you’d need to arrange for your student loans to be in place too. So are you talking about possibly enrolling in Fall 2013? If you’re a full time student you should be finished with an associates in hand after 2 years already.

Also, your spelling and writing is terrible, take an elementary English class at some point eh?

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