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Lori Said,
November 30th, 2011 @3:04 am  

I have never heard of an RR RN.You can get a 2 year Associates degree or a 4 year BSN.You cannot do it online. You may be able to take some prerequisites online but the actual nursing classes have to be done in person. You need to learn the skills and practice doing procedures before you can do clinical placements.For information contact the BON in your state.

Buddy Said,
November 30th, 2011 @3:49 am  

The degree is BSN which is 4 years or an ADN which is about 3+year with prerequisites.

RN is the title you get after you pass the NCLEX. You will need to be licensed in the state you want to work in.

Very few states accept the Excelsior online program and as an EMT, you are not qualified for it. It is also very expensive and takes alot of discipline to get through it.

NY is one of the states that has legislation pending to make the BSN the miminum requirement. If you look at the help wanted ads for nurses, you will see “BSN preferred” in almost every one.

A typical ADN or BSN program will have at minimum 1,000 hours of clinicals besides all the course work and labs. There will be numerous hands on labs besides the clinicals which you will need. You might be able to take a few of the general studies classes online. I do not recommend taking any science classes such as A&P online. Having access to a lab and instructors will be extremely important.

Look up the NY BON website for all the programs and steps.

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