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Vivy Jones Said,
September 15th, 2013 @10:22 am  

Hey I currently teach English abroad.if you want to get paid well avoid Latin countries. Hey since you speak French you can try the French assistant program. Go to Dave esl cafe or footprint recruitment. First narrow down the country you want to teach and apply. How lOng 1 year or six months or longer.

Armand Said,
September 15th, 2013 @10:45 am  

I taught ESL in Asia for a few years. It is the most lucrative salary market. Best paying country by far is Korea. If you want to save money you need to go to the Far East. I had a hard time adapting to life in China with all the air/water pollution and constant food poisoning. I would avoid it. Korea is pretty awesome if you can teach in public school or university, the Hogwans (private) are like a roller-coaster, you never know what you are going to get and they often go bankrupt in mid contract.

There is no market for English teachers in Europe and all the romance languages you know are not in demand. I am fluent in French but you don’t see foreign students wanting to pay money to take it. It is in demand in Latin America but I never considered going because the pay is not there. It is half to a third of what you can get in Asia.

Preparation wise, you need to go to Cambridge and get their online ESL certificate. With the name it is the most accepted cert schools want to see. You can take it from home. It helps to have a teaching degree and license like I did, that is how I got the highest paying jobs. It isn’t a necessity if you have ESL certs.

Someone mentioned footprints… stay away from it. I went to China with them and ended up in a horrible school. Once you accept they don’t care what happens to you.

Ian Said,
September 15th, 2013 @11:13 am  

Well you have plenty of time. Here’s a list of links to the best ESL sites:

You should find everything you need there. For Asia I would recommend this:

Most schools in Asia don’t require certification.

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