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3 Comments Already

Grace Said,
January 5th, 2014 @10:56 am  

Keep telling yourself that being nervous is normal but not really productive. Indeed, it is counter productive. Do some muscle relaxation exercises and relaxation breathing.

Also keep telling yourself that pessimism is silly. How does it help? Since you know that you worked harder on the others, it is logical to think you did better. It is even more logical to not get upset about things that can be changed.

If you must, make good plans for what to do next if they are good or bad. That is actually premature though, until you know.

Keep telling yourself that whatever the outcome, you can handle it. You can if you stay calm and use your brain.

lesleyheath Said,
January 5th, 2014 @11:16 am  


starry-eyed cyborg Said,
January 5th, 2014 @12:07 pm  

Aw, don’t worry. I also felt extremely awkward and shocked when I had a D (!!) in Chemistry o levels. In all the rest I had A, A* and B. So yeah, it was really shocking at first (especially for my dad, I guess cuz he was really good at Chemistry in his time- lol) but then again, I really didn’t read hard for it and it was actually my worst science. >_>

So, the point is I just ended up not taking Chemistry in A levels. That’s how I survived all the awkwardness of that huge flop. lol

Stop yourself from being pessimistic cuz at least you didn’t get a D like me, right? >.< You did fairly well, considering. I guess you’ll be doing IB next? Best Of Luck!!

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