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Caligula Said,
October 18th, 2013 @7:32 am  

It will depend on the school you attend. Each school determines its own standards, although for majors that end in licensure, outside entities are also involved.

Pick a school.

I chose the University of Rhode Island to give me an example. I went to the main page for URI and searched for “school of education.” I went to the first hit, and I looked at the menu on the right and chose Academic Programs. There are 3 listed: one for early childhood education, one for elementary education, and one for secondary education. It looks as if Early Childhood Education is the one that covers kindergarten, so I clicked there. I looked at the page and found a link to the requirements. (There are actually 4 forms, 2 for students who were admitted before Fall 2012 and 2 for those who were admitted for Fall 2012 and later; of each of those, there’s 1 .pdf and 1 .doc version. I picked the .pdf for after Fall 2012.) The form there appears to cover both general education and major requirements, and would be the right one for you if you went to URI.

For those courses that are listed only by number, not by name, you could look up the class on the URI website by searching there for “COM 100″ (with quotation marks), etc. But most of the gen-eds just say which department or kind of department you need classes from, and the courses required for the major seem to have names. If you started at a community college in Rhode Island, you would take some of these classes (some or all of the ones designed for freshmen and sophomores) before you transfer to finish your bachelor’s. They would transfer. If you started anywhere outside the public system in RI, you would not be certain that the credits would transfer, but they probably would if the content was very similar and the number of credits was the same (or, if the school used different systems for counting credits, if the number of credits converted to the right number) and if the first school wasn’t a for-profit that URI didn’t trust.

I have put the URLs for each step of my looking up the requirements for being able to teach kindergarten below, so that you can see exactly what I’ve done. You will just do the same thing, except at each of the schools you’re looking at rather than a random university, as I’ve done.

I hope that this helps.

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