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Mathieu Said,
September 28th, 2012 @10:57 am  

Of course not. If you are planning to go into an area like Public Relations and Communications, where those types of courses are found, then having A levels in all of those subjects which are strongly related to the field in which you want to study at University is looked upon very positively by Universities. In general, the better the course, the better the University views you.

Additionally, I have to say that I am currently studying in Accounting, but I took some “easy” courses in CEGEP (the thing we have before University) to boost my grades and the Universtiy did not say a word about it. In general if you do good in the courses you take, the University will have a positive view towards you. If you have higher level courses, then that’s even better.

Michael Said,
September 28th, 2012 @11:39 am  

Normally, Com. Studies, Gen. Studies, and Ctz. Studies are seen as soft subject, but combined with English and your career goals, they are perfect.

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