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Loren is just plain Borin' Said,
June 8th, 2014 @10:39 am  

That depends entirely on how many credits you have. If you get 24 credits at your community college, that usually means you will transfer as a sophmore (assuming all of your community college credits are transferable). If you have less than 24 transferable credits, you will have to start as a freshman, but once you complete the missing credits you will move up a grade. Talk to the school you are transfering to about which credits are transferable, and how many credits are needed to move up a year.

Colleges don’t actually “place” you in a graduating class. They don’t say “you are class of 2012″. They admit you into a grade depending on how many credits you have, and then you just move up a year, or stay the same year depending on how many credits you get, and when you get enough they graduate you.

Take my story for example:
I was admitted to college as a sophmore (class of 2010) because I had AP credit. At the end of that year (when I would have been a junior, and my highschool friends were sophmores), I had babsically failed a lot of classes so I transfered to another university, but not a lot of my credits transfered so I was admitted as a Freshman (class of 2012). But I am taking a part time load, so at the end of this year if I am still a freshman, I will be class of 2013, when my graduating high school class is class of 2011.

So your graduating class can change a lot depending on how many credits you have.

Joy Said,
June 8th, 2014 @10:49 am  

Your graduating class is not determined necessarily when you enter the school but based on the catalog you enroll in the current school under. I’ve been at my university since the fall of 2004 and would be considered part of the 2008 class, but because when I changed majors in 2005 it put me under a new catalog and now I’m considered part of the 2011 class even though I will be graduating next december. Your graduating class will change dependent on the catalog you are in (meaning how many credits you need and in what classes for your degree), the load you take each semester and how your community college credits transfer into the other college. Check with an advisor at Mt. St. Mary’s to see exactly which courses will or will not transfer.

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