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anonymo Said,
August 23rd, 2013 @10:24 am  

I don’t think you actually challenge the Board of Regents.
When the examination becomes available for public usage on this website:
you can (if you remember) check over your answer choices and then grade yourself. However, this is exclusive of the essay questions, but since you usually get 5s or 6s then it shouldn’t affect you.

After converting your raw score into your scale score, if the score is higher than the 61 that you received, then you can contact the Board of Regents directly from their website:
and from there you can let them know of your problem.

P.S. There is a chance that they may have messed up the grading process. Many students who usually do fairly well got scores much lower than expected. I got a 92.

Edit: But then again, the scores you received could be the scores you earned; Take a look at the grading chart, which is pretty strict.
The average student might get 20 out of 25 multiple choice questions and 7 out of 10 on the essay questions. This would result in a scale score of 69.

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