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JodiTee Said,
April 19th, 2014 @10:39 am  

In the long run please go for where your passion lies and not for the money. You will always want more money no matter your salary, but if you love what you do that has so much value in itself.

Zer Said,
April 19th, 2014 @11:17 am  

You have 2 choices. Take a year off and think about it. there’s nothing wrong with that and it will help you get some more money through work. Or, go ahead and do a mix. First year students are always encouraged to do a mix to find out what you like. Biggest piece of advice though: if you don’t like sciences DO NOT TAKE SCIENCE COURSES. Maybe a major in it will get you more money but you will not be happy. Do the classes that you love and interest you. Also don’t feel like you have to go to college. Just trult think if it’s the best place for you to go right after high school.

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