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cclepew Said,
December 26th, 2013 @8:05 am  

For the 2012-2013 school year (starting fall 2012), you need to do your FAFSA right now (or at least in the next month or so). You’ll need your (and your parents’ if you’re under age 24) 2011 income tax information to fill out the application. If you (and your parents) haven’t done your taxes yet, do them immediately so you can do your FAFSA.

For the following school year (2013-2014), you’ll have to do another FAFSA early in 2013.

Juanaquena Said,
December 26th, 2013 @8:43 am  

You will need to complete and submit your FAFSA 2012-2013 school year form by the required deadline of the school you wish to attend this coming Fall 2012. You do not state what that school is, so I cannot look up the deadline date for the school for you.

Generally, if you have your FAFSA submitted before March 15, you will be fine. However, I suggest you find out the FAFSA submission deadline of the school you wish to attend. You can telephone the school financial aid office and ask a real person there or look on the financial aid website for the school to learn the deadline date.

Make sure you proofread your FAFSA before you submit it, so there are no errors in information that may cause the application to be held up for corrections or verification of information. Also, please be aware that about 1/3 of all FAFSA applications are identified for information verification. Be sure to check regularly for notices that your FAFSA has been flagged for verification. Sometimes those email notifications get dumped in Spam/Junk email folders and students do not see them and therefore do not follow up on verification in a timely manner.

Be sure to go to the proper FAFSA website:

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