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2 Comments Already

Crimson Said,
March 1st, 2014 @10:38 am  

i got one last year i didn’t graduate or pay any debt off

nancy Said,
March 1st, 2014 @11:01 am  

The 1098 T has to be issued by the end of January following the tax year. For example, 1098 Ts for the 2012 tax year had to be issued by January 31, 2013. You won’t receive one for this year until the end of next January.

In most cases, educational expenses are determined by the date that the college received the funds. If you paid an expense (such as tuition or fees) with a student loan, that’s when the expense occurred, so that’s when it will show up on your 1098-T. However, student loan interest isn’t counted until you actually pay it, so unless you opted to pay that interest while in school, you can’t deduct it on your tax return until you enter repayment after graduation.

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