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JQuick Said,
May 24th, 2014 @10:57 am  

Most college transfer applications let you indicate the courses you’re enrolled in, which will be confirmed by transcripts later on in the admissions process, so long as you end up passing the courses with the minimum gpa requirements. Each university has it’s own requirements for transfer, particularly for EOP students, so you need to check at each website for the details. They may admit you on condition of completing your current courses as planned, and they could rescind your admission if you don’t pass them or get low grades. So you don’t have to wait to finish the courses in order to apply to start the process. Not all schools and programs are open to enrollment year-round, as some might only allow fall admissions, and certain programs like engineering will have special requirements to ensure that major prerequisites are done before transferring. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to do what’s needed for transfer, so don’t expect to be admitted with anything missing that they require. The details are important, so look them up.

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