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mikkirose85 Said,
September 16th, 2013 @10:45 am  

There are really no specific majors for medical school. I would suggest majoring in a Science field, or in a field that is somewhat related to medicine. Biology might be a good major, but something with an emphasis on medicine/science.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. That is one day after my parent’s wedding anniversary. They have been together for 41 years now, so January might be a good month to be married.

MM Said,
September 16th, 2013 @10:55 am  

If you go from nursing to med school, you run the risk of looking like you couldn’t make up your mind how you really wanted to get involved in medicine. But psychology isn’t an uncommon major at all. Either way, your GPA is a much bigger factor than how you get there.

Lori Said,
September 16th, 2013 @11:33 am  

A nursing degree will not get you into med school. You need to complete the science prerequisites needed to get into med school. Nursing will not meet the requirements.

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