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4 Comments Already

Tash Said,
December 7th, 2011 @3:41 am  

I dont judge women when there wanting or pregnant at any age u bein 19 is not to young and u sound like u know what ur talking about so do as u please :-) 13 is to young but still no reason to be judged…. hope everything works out the way u want :-) good luck to you

Jamila :P Said,
December 7th, 2011 @4:17 am  

i understand how you feel i dealt with criticism & all that still do to some extent.. but my advice to you is don’t let it get to you .. if your ready emotionally and financially go for it at the end of the day its your life. you know what you want in life go for it .. at the end of the day there is always going to be someone who is going to judge you regardless of what you do and don’t do so why let it bother you ?

good luck and all the best

MarriedMommy2Be Said,
December 7th, 2011 @5:11 am  

People are ignorant. That is the best answer I can give you honestly. When they see young people that have kids or are engaged they think of the countless others that can’t take care of their children, and the 67% of marriages that end in divorce. I am not saying it is right by any means but I can tell you right now that along with “you are too young” are their first thoughts.

I met my husband (boyfriend/Fiance) when I literally just turned 20 the week before. We were engaged a year later, married at 21, pregnant at 22 and we are happily expecting our first child on (or around) December 25th. (I am now 23) I can tell you my direct family were the only supporters we had and even some of them kept asking over and over and over again if i was sure. How are you ever suppose to live and learn if no one is going to let you do so? We fight with people all the time about our ages, I know I am going to be a great mom and he is going to be a great dad. At the begining of my pregnancy I had to go to the hospital and the nurse kept making rude “oh you are too young for this” comments well let me tell you I put her right in her place and she didn’t say a work again after I “nicely” explained that we had been married for close to a year and my pregnancy had nothing to do with it.. I was then quickly put into a hospital room and no more comments were made.

Yes while it is true most marriages young and old end in divorce that doesn’t mean mine or yours will. At the end of the day all that matters is that YOU and HIM are happy, and if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out you loved and that’s all that matters. Love makes us stronger emotionally and that helps us grow even when we are 50, or 60 or even 90.

Don’t let others bother you, and don’t listen to their ignorance becuase that is all it is. We have been married for over a year and people are tell calling my hubby my boyfriend, even though we both cleary wear our rings that are ever taken off.

Nicole Said,
December 7th, 2011 @5:20 am  

Im the same way! I was 20 when I got engaged and we were started trying for a baby when I was 22 and everyone was like why so young!? We own our own home, both had jobs, cars and extra money so we said why not we are not getting any younger. Well we ended up pregnant right away and now have 11 month old twins and im 23. Im lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home mom and I find myself in a better place to be a parent them some older couples! Dont listen to them! Go for it!! Good Luck to you and your future husband!

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